Online Crime Report

The Online Crime Report allows you to submit a report to the Mar-Mac Police District for free.

  • Do not use this online crime report for any of the following:
    If this is an emergency.
  • If the crime is in progress.
  • If anyone was injured as a result of this crime or incident.
  • If this incident occurred outside the city limits of Marquette or McGregor.
  • If the incident you are reporting is a vehicle accident or hit and run accident.
  • If the suspect(s) are unknown.

If any of the statements above apply to this crime, please call 911 to report an emergency or 563-245-2422 to make a report.

If none of these statements apply, please proceed with your online crime report.

Filing a false police report is a crime.
718.6(1) A person who reports or causes to be reported false information with a law enforcement authority, knowing the information is false, or who reports the alleged occurrence of a criminal act knowing the act did not occur.

If the reporting party is the victim, leave blank.
If the reporting party is the victim, leave blank.