Welcome to the Mar-Mac Police Department, proudly serving the vibrant cities of Marquette and McGregor in beautiful Iowa.  We are dedicated to safeguarding and serving our communities with unwavering commitment.  Our agency is committed to fostering safety, trust, and collaboration through initiative-taking policing and community engagement.

Stay connected with us and stay informed about our initiatives, community programs, and safety tips by following our Facebook page.  Join us in our efforts to build a safer and more inclusive environment for all residents and visitors in Marquette and McGregor.  Together, let’s ensure a secure and thriving community for everyone.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

Robert Millin, Chief of Police

Our Values, Goal, and Mission Statement:

VALUES – At the Mar-Mac Police Department, we are dedicated to serving the vibrant communities of Marquette and McGregor with unwavering commitment.  We uphold the highest standards of dignity, honesty, and respect in all our interactions.  Our pledge is to approach every engagement with sincerity and integrity, fostering trust and transparency.  We value each member of the public and our fellow officers as individuals, embracing diversity and unity within our community, to ensure a safe, inclusive, and collaborative environment for all.

GOAL – Our aim at the Mar-Mac Police Department is to be an exemplary in law enforcement, dedicated to fostering a secure environment and delivering unparalleled, professional services to the residents and visitors of the Marquette and McGregor communities.  We commit to proactively engaging with our community, employing innovative strategies, and building strong partnerships to ensure safety, trust, and the well-being of all those we serve.

MISSION – At the Mar-Mac Police Department, our mission is to be a forward-thinking public safety agency, dedicated to meeting the multifaceted needs of both residents and visitors.  We achieve this by leveraging the skills of our highly trained professional staff and maximizing all available resources.  Through initiative-taking initiatives and community engagement, we aim to create a secure and inclusive environment, ensuring the safety and well-being of all individuals within the Marquette and McGregor communities.