Employment Opportunities

The Mar-Mac Police Department is recruiting for the following position(s):

  • Full-Time Police Officer (Certified / Non-Certified)
  • Part-Time Police Officer (Certified)
  • Reserve Police Officer (Certified)

The Mar-Mac Police Department is an integrated law enforcement agency serving the communities of Marquette and McGregor, Iowa.

Marquette and McGregor is located along the banks of the Mississippi River in Clayton County.  The Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency to 1,246 (2010 census) year round residence and hundreds more during the summer months.

The department is seeking applicants who are dedicated to serving the communities with dignity, integrity, and professionalism.

To be a police officer in the State of Iowa, a person must be certified by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA). The Iowa legislators have given ILEA authority “to set standards to the law enforcement service” in the State of Iowa. If a person cannot or will not meet these standards, they cannot be certified. Agencies may use stricter criteria than ILEA to select police officer candidates. A detailed explanation for the minimum standards for Iowa Law Enforcement Officers can be found in the Code of Iowa, Chapter 80B, Chapter 80D, Chapter 400, and the ILEA Administrative Rules. The following are the standards to be a Mar-Mac Police Officer.

Full-Time Police Officer (Certified)
Full-Time Police Officer (Non-Certified)
Part-Time Police Officer (Certified)
Out of State Certified Police Officers

Interested candidates should submit an application to the mailing or email address below.

Mar-Mac Police Department
PO Box 69
319 Pleasant Drive
Marquette, Iowa 52158

Mar-Mac Police Application Packet
Iowa Administrative Code 501 – Iowa Law Enforcement Academy
Iowa Law Enforcement Certification FAQ
Iowa Public Employee Retirement System (IPERS)