Off-Duty Police Officer Work Request

Officers employed by the Mar-Mac Police Department are available to work assignments for members of the public and organizations as needed to provide additional police services. To request an officer, please fill the form and verify that the requirements for hiring an officer will be met prior to the work being available for assignment to officers.  Listed below are the requirements set by the Mar-Mac Police Department for employment of off-duty officers.

Each officer shall be paid on a 4-hour minimum rate:

  • Church Security & Traffic Control = $25 per hour.
  • Traffic Control that lasts under an hour = $50.00 per hour for a minimum of two (2) hours.
  • General Security = $35 per hour.
  • Holiday Security or Holiday Traffic Control = $50 per hour (Holidays include: New Year’s Eve/Day, Memorial Day Weekend (Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday), Independence Day and/or Celebration, Labor Day Weekend (Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday), Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Eve/Day, Christmas Eve/Day).
  • Movie Production = $50 per hour.
  • VIP Production = $50 per hour

Vendors may opt to offer higher rate of pay based on demand, urgency, time of day, or event type, however the minimum rate is set forth above.

Payment of these services is required by CHECK or MONEY ORDER made payable to the officer(s) assigned to the employment within five (5) business days of the event, unless previously approved by the Chief of Police.

If the vendor fails to notify the department of a cancellation within twenty-four (24) hours of the event, a full payment will be required.

Once the off-duty officer(s) arrive(s) at the job location, the officer shall be compensated for the entire agreed upon or contracted time.

Officers are not allowed nor expected to participate in any activity which is not police related in nature.

Questions may be directed via email to or by phone at (563) 873-2500.

Application and Agreement For Off-Duty Police Officer Employment