Extra Patrol Request

Extra Patrols are performed for residents and businesses of Marquette and McGregor when time and resources are available. This service is provided to residents and business owners who wish to have a police officer check their residence or business periodically while they are away or check the area for suspected criminal activity. Please complete this form after reading the information below.

When submitting forms over the internet, there is always the risk that information provided can be viewed by someone else. The Mar-Mac Police Department takes normal precautions to protect data, and we only ask for the minimal information necessary to process your request. However, you are submitting this data with the understanding that we cannot guarantee this information will not be intercepted. Y ou can visit or call the police department at 319 Pleasant Drive, Marquette, call (563) 873-2500, or email info@marmacpolice.org if you do not prefer to submit this form online.

Extra patrols may be requested for up to 7 days in duration. Extended patrols may exceed 7 days with the approval from the Chief of Police. The department’s patrol division will be made aware of your request and designated officers may make periodic and random checks of your property. The Mar-Mac Police Department and its employees thereof shall not be held liable for any and all incidents or occurrences on any stated property or structure(s) which the requester made of the Mar-Mac Police Department.

Please describe the reason the extra patrol is needed. Reasons for requesting Extra Patrols typically include leaving town and being away from your residence for an extended period of time, and there is no one staying at your residence or available to periodically check the security of your residence. Other requests typically address a particular problem such as someone threatening to harm you or your property, or a specific quality of life issue in your neighborhood such as speeding, reckless driving, loud music, prowlers, etc. Please provide specific information involving suspect descriptions, times of occurrence, locations, etc. Additionally, it is helpful to provide information concerning persons, vehicles, lights, timers or monitored alarms at your residence or business during the period of time your Extra Patrol is being requested.