It is the goal of the Mar-Mac Police District to provide the public with access to all information available by law or regulation, while maintaining confidentiality of information exempt from release.  To request other records not available on our website, a “Request for Record” can be downloaded, requested by email, mail, or in person at the District’s office.  Completed records request may be mailed (requires self-addressed stamped envelope), emailed, or scheduled for pickup.

Request for Record

Due to the possibility of requests for records not readily or easily accessible, the request may be reasonably delayed, but only to such an extent so as to allow for the orderly access and retrieval of the information requested.

Examination or release of confidential information is strictly prohibited.  Specific information that may not be release includes but not limited to:

  1. Peace Officer’s investigative reports;
  2. A person’s social security number;
  3. Intelligence data per Iowa Chapter 692;
  4. Registered victim information per Iowa Code 915;
  5. Identity of child victims per Iowa Code 915;
  6. Results of psychological examinations;
  7. Confidential informant information;
  8. Mental and health information;
  9. Cases or investigations that have not been completed.


(The following fees were adopted by the Mar-Mac Police Commission on 11/30/2010.)

  • $10 – Incident Report
  • $10 – Accident Report
  • $10 – Photos (per page)
  • $10 – Personal Record
  • $30 – Video Recording (interview, squad camera, body camera)
  • $40 + 55 cents per mile – Return of Service
  • $20 – Paper Service (minimum of three attempts)