On August 19, 2022, at approximately 6:09 pm, the Mar-Mac Police Department was requested to assist emergency medical personnel at an event called, “Rib Ride 2022,” in rural McGregor.  The initial report to the Clayton County Communications Center stated a 15-week pregnant female was ejected from a horse and the horse had fallen on her.

Immediately upon arrival, Patrick L. Jones, of rural McGregor, began verbally harassing the responding Mar-Mac Police Officers.  After a brief exchange of words with one of the officers, Jones ambushed the officer, without justification, from behind and threated the officer of immediate physical contact which will be painful, injurious, insulting, or offensive, coupled with the apparent ability to execute the act.

Upon receiving Jones’ threat, the officer attempted to apprehend Jones.  Jones resisted arrest.  As Jones continued to resist arrest, Jones grabbed the second officer by throat.

Due to interference from other patrons attending the event, the officers separated themselves from Jones.  Jones was removed from the event from unknown person.  Due to Jones’ behavior, the injured female’s medical care was delayed. 

Complaint and affidavits were filed accusing Jones of Assault on a Peace Officer (Class D Felony), Assault on a Peace Officer (Serious Misdemeanor), Interference with Official Acts (Simple Misdemeanor), Harassment of a Public Official (Simple Misdemeanor), Disorderly Conduct (Simple Misdemeanor), and Public Intoxication (Simple Misdemeanor). 

The Mar-Mac Police Department was assisted by the Prairie du Chien Police Department, the Monona Police Department, and the Postville Police Department.

Robert Millin, Chief of Police

UPDATE: 09/02/2022 @3:06 PM

Due to misinformation that is being created from our recent press release, we would like to provide a timeline of events and clarification. This information does not provide any additional details pertaining to the Patrick Jones’ incident, but to the original medical call. The timeline below will be based on the arrival of police officers in accordance with body camera video.

As for the delayed medical attention statement, this was due to the incident involving Patrick Jones. After the incident had occurred, an officer radioed the communication center stating, “officer need assistance” (10-78) and that they were “assaulted.” Because of this incident, the scene is no longer safe for arriving medical personnel.

In all emergency care provider training, the number one topic that is taught rigorously is “scene safety.” Our officers received basic first responder training, law enforcement emergency care provider training, and one previous completed EMT training.

In addition, each officer was not informed of the location of injured person nor were they informed medical personnel was already on scene until after the incident involving Patrick Jones. After learning that Patrick Jones had vacated the property, the “scene was secure” and the ambulance continued their travel to the scene.

Was the situation chaotic and stressful? Could the entire situation have been managed different? In hindsight, we believe this incident is a learning experience for everyone involved. After a positive conversation with an involved individual, we are pleased to hear that the injured mother-to-be is resting and the pregnancy is healthy.


0 minute: 0 seconds: Police officers arrive on-scene.

0 minute: 07 seconds: Patrons of the event inform the officers that the ambulance was on there way and told to move their patrol cars.

0 minute: 11 seconds: Officer #1 informs the same to Officer #2. Officer #2 re-enters his patrol cars and moves it forward. Officer #1 re-enters his patrol cars and moves forward.

0 minute: 26 seconds: Officer #2 re-parks his patrol vehicle.

0 minute: 37 seconds: Officer #1 re-parks his patrol vehicle.

0 minute: 45 seconds: Officer #2 requests status on the ambulance.

0 minute: 49 seconds: Dispatch advised they went enroute 3 minutes ago. (Normal drive time is 14 minutes.)

0 minute: 54 seconds: The Patrick Jones’ incident begins.

7 minutes: 39 seconds: Ambulance arrives.